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Durable plastic surface waterproof construction template production line

Durable plastic surface waterproof construction template production line

Features: The plastic construction template production line of high degree of automation, smooth and reliable operation, simple operation, easy maintenance, production capacity, high efficiency, low cost, less employment, is your investment, conversion of the excellent choice.

       Durable plastic surface waterproof construction template is my company over the years spent tens of millions of completely independent research and development and has a complete intellectual property rights of a replacement products, access to the national invention patents, utility model patents, the appearance of patent recognition. The advantages of the traditional template is that its surface is covered with hard plastic and plastic film, in the construction is not afraid of reinforced sand and gravel rubbing, unique technology so that in the course of the use of no delamination or foaming, and plastic surface Layer film water and oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, with the cement is not compatible, it is easy to mold, do not need to use the mold before the release agent, and the construction of cement casting surface is always consistent quality and improve the quality of the building. In the construction to the use of customers to bring real benefits: with the traditional template conditions are exactly the same, without release agent, saving labor costs and materials costs, and also save the post-cleaning template cement and cement walls Of the clean-up costs; with the traditional template price is almost the case, the use of turnover is the traditional template 2-4 times, but also the value of re-use, such as the framework for the use of the template can be used more than 100 times, saving a lot Of the procurement costs and planking construction costs, but also for the country to save a lot of timber resources, but also building template production plant replacement of the Gospel.  

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